You are currently viewing Next Level 2023: Annual Award Ceremony Of Safe Wheels Group At Goa

Next Level 2023: Annual Award Ceremony Of Safe Wheels Group At Goa

The “Next Level” Annual Award Ceremony of Safe Wheels Group was held at Radisson, Goa, on September 12, 2023. Team members of Safe Wheels Group were honoured with various awards as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The event kicked off energetically with a rap song performed by Mr. Yathish, Sales Associate of Alliance Square and a singer by passion. This was followed by an entertaining movie song and a warm welcome speech by Mr. Srinath, General Manager of Safe Wheels Group.

At the award ceremony team members were presented with awards for the year 2022-23. Eleven members received awards in various categories, which were presented by the senior entrepreneur, Mr. Ravindran, Founder of Arjun Tours and Travels. The award winners received the recognition with joy and expressed gratitude to the management and their colleagues for their support.

During his speech at the event, Mr. Ravindran emphasised the importance of hard work, humility and passion. He said, “If you have to succeed in your life, you must stay humble, you should always be ready to learn, you should always be active and open minded. In business, follow up is the most important thing. If you lose one phone call, you will lose one business deal. That is how you have to think. There is no shortcut to success,” he concluded.

Managing Director B.S. Prashanth also addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of consistency in work for achieving success. He congratulated theĀ  award winners and encouraged everyone to aim higher and achieve better.

The award ceremony was followed by a gala cocktail dinner. Team Safe Wheels Group enjoyed a leisurely 3-day trip at Goa after the award ceremony